Forester analysts say there’s an “arms race” for mobile technology by leading brands yet there’s still a lack of small and SMB that plan to mobilize for business in 2015 and take advantage of the meteoric rise of mobile devices and mobile marketing trends.

According to Forrester analysts Thomas Hudson and Julie A. Ask, most brands will under invest in mobile marketing tools and mobile technology development. Here are some of their findings.

Only 7% percent of enterprises surveyed had an organization in place to enable the use of mobile to transform customer experiences throughout the entire business, and at the most, we expect to see 25% of companies do so in 2015.

Only 19% of marketers have a mobile steering committee with the authority to decide what mobile services will be built.

The good news is that leading marketing brands will use mobile to transform their entire business model (not just digital business) and employ innovative ways to win, serve, and retain customers in their mobile moments. Mobile will streamline processes to make sales and create new sources of revenue with in-app purchases and subscriptions (Source: Forrester)

Leading brands will also build an ecosystem of partners to engage mobile customers where they are. For example, a consumer can check the status of a United flight on TripIt. (Source: Forrester)

“In 2015, we expect more multichannel retailers and travel companies to move to a new organization model that will enable mobile technologies to transform their business. Forrester refers to this strategy as “borrowing mobile moments.”

Forrester Predictions 2015 states the market is about to change in ten significant ways in 2015:
Mobile will fuel a massive technology and spending arms race.
Re-engineering organizations and processes for mobile will take priority.
Mobile-enabled business models will disrupt the value chains of entire industries.
Mobile innovation will accelerate in emerging markets.
Business and technology strategies will shift from apps to experiences.
Mobile advertising will start breaking its desktop shackles.
Branded content platforms will start to emerge in mobile.
Mobile moments will shrink to micro moments.
Mobile privacy is the next differentiator for mobile experiences.
Apple will boost the mobile wallet and contactless ecosystem.

Forrester forecasts that 42% of the total population globally will own a smartphone by the end of 2015.
Mobile advertising will continue to grow quickly in 2015 and will reach $46 billion by 2019 in the US alone.

Forrester asserts that, “In 2015, we will also see marketing leaders who look at mobile as just another channel struggle to deliver results, differentiate their brands, and justify the budgets they need to stay competitive.”

Underlying all of these is a need for marketers to adopt a mobile mindset and “completely rethink how they win, serve, and retain customers” if they want to have a more contextually relevant interaction with the customer.

If you’re a business owner or marketer you don’t want to be part of 93% crowd that views mobile as “just another channel” then fill out the form below and download the Forrester Prediction 2015 now.

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