What is Organic SEO Marketing?

organic seoOrganic SEO optimization is the process of increasing a website’s visibility in the natural or organic search engine results pages without having to pay for advertising. SEO is a investment in your business because organic search traffic has a much higher return on investment than paid search traffic. Google page 1 search engine rankings matters if you have a website. Search engine spiders are always looking for interesting content on websites that are regularly updated plus the number and quality of backlinks from other websites.

If your website is not Google’s page 1 when someone searches for niche keywords related to your local business, then your competitors will receive the targeted traffic, hot leads and sales. I am a freelance SEO consultant offering website ranking services to clients. If your small business SEO goal is to rank on the first page of Google search engine results pages (SERPs) then hire SEO professional with experience.

So how do search engines rank web pages? Since the search engine spiders are looking for relevant and authoritative content it is your task to create content that is authoritative and useful, thus viewing you as an expert in your field. When you write relevant content people that find interesting, it will be shared on blogs, social media, viral sites, forums, rss feeds. Google’s algorithms will pick up these authority signals and give your web pages a boost in the search engines. Hence, writing relevant content on a regular basis ensures higher search engine ranking and keeps you there.

What is the secret to Organic SEO Marketing?

SEO or SEO optimization is simply using keywords and keyword phrases in your content that is relevant to what the site is offering so that people searching on Google can find your website. Content refers to articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, images that you create or curate. When you understand that organic SEO marketing equals relevant keywords or keyword phrases then you are prepared for search engine marketing and will hire me for organic SEO marketing.

As a freelance SEO service provider, I educate people seeking an SEO professional for SEO help with website ranking in local search about keyword optimization for on page SEO and offsite SEO. In the free SEO consultation, I also explain link building to clients. I tell them that it’s important to build quality backlinks to their website; links must be relevant to their content; having good content greatly increases your chances of obtaining natural links from quality relevant pages; and to not confuse quantity with quality. Once they understand organic SEO optimization, I can then pitch interested clients about my local SEO services, website SEO, SEO content creation, and link building. The goal is to deliver all clients effective search engine optimization solutions at competitive rates.

I tell prospects to do their homework if they are sitting on the fence about hiring a freelance SEO service provider. SEO isn’t easy because there are many aspects to it and there is a steep learning curve to master plus the time required. And time is money for business owners who are already bogged down with other responsibilities running a business. It will take at least 20 hours per week for a do-it-yourself business owner to do website SEO for organic search engine marketing. When a client hires me as a SEO manager, I will help you identify the SEO marketing needs and then we develop an SEO plan with SEO marketing services that deliver tailored, effective SEO optimization for organic search results.

Do you value good communication, transparency, and longevity in business? If your answer is yes then hire me for SEO marketing because I deliver effective SEO optimization solutions that are different to those offered by other SEO companies. You can buy SEO services packages and flexibility with monthly agreements so you never have to worry about signing a long-term SEO contract. The scalable small business SEO structure enables us to keep costs low and keeps monthly SEO service rates very competitive in comparison to website SEO prices plans offered by other SEO companies. Please contact me today for your free SEO consultation and we will talk shortly.