Social Media Management

Social media management is the use of web-based social networks (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and mobile apps (ex. Iphone) to expand a company’s market reach by interacting with customers with the intent of increasing credibility, trust and your business sales. Online relationship building generates more interest in what have to offer, your values and your “Likeability”.

As internet technology evolved to being a medium of exchange of ideas, goods and services circa 2001, forwarding thinking entrepreneurs and business owners jumped online. And as the internet infrastructure and bandwidth increase, more people saw the benefits of having relevant information available at the click of a mouse with no expense of time or dime.

Today, 80% of people search for goods and services online. Do your own research and compare the internet sales numbers versus the local retail business sales numbers. Your business survival, career, and lifestyle requires a web presence (whether as an information or ecommerce or news or location website) and the days when print media and brick and mortar stores was “all there is” are now numbered. Just read the news about about the Yellow Pages that are no longer being printed in NY and about corporations and mom&pop stores with no web presence that are going under – quickly.

Now, to remain relevant, viable and avoid posting the “Going Out Of Business” sign, smart local business owners are adopting social media networks, mobile devices and apps to interact with customers in real time at any time. Hire a good social media specialist to keep your finger on the pulse of social trends if you want to succeed in business online.

The graph below shows that most people find business using social media networks.

  • Get on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn
  • Take advantage of free social media to increase your ROI
  • Monitor feedback and reviews
  • Manage your local business listings

Word of mouth advertising and referrals

1. Do you have a brand? Yes or No?
If you answered “No”, then you have an identity crisis.

2. When someone sees your brand, what feelings does it stir in them? Is it good, bad, or indifferent? Is that something you want to change?

Image is Everything. A good logo design, along with a web presence, is best way to establish yourself and your brand in the local and global marketplace. A good logo makes an instantaneous and memorable impact and conveys the reputation customers perceive about your company. Our Effective Social Media Design Package enables you to differentiate yourself and your company from the competition. The high resolution images can be used for print and online applications.

The Effective Social Media Design Package I Deliver to You Includes:
• a brandable website or I will create a blog for your existing website $897
• a branded Facebook FanPage. *$397
• a customized Twitter Page. *$397
• a matching printed Brochure page *$497
• a Business Card designed to fit your brand. *$20
• up to 2 hours training. Additional time can be purchased. *$120 value

Note: We also offer an Effective Social Media Management Service to You.

Save $$$ on this Effective Social Media Design Package if purchased before May 31, 2012.
*(No changes are allowed to package but items can be purchased individually)

Compare at $2,000+ (~33 hours of work @ $60 an hour)
Your Price : $1,497

Note: This offer does not include a domain name, domain hosting, printing, or copywriting.

Only a small 25% deposit is required to get started.
Project completion is one month.

We are ready to help you grow your business and increase your potential market size and awareness locally and globally depending on your business.

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