best free blogging software9 Benefits of Using WordPress Best Free Blogging Software for CMS

1. WordPress is Free or Affordable

WordPress is the best free blogging software online. Using WordPress platform as a service for your website means it’s either free or very affordable for personal use or business blogging and content management system (CMS). The cost of ownership for WordPress CMS which is the best free blogging software itself is, well, totally free, and you can choose from a vast number of free themes from the WordPress admin dashboard or purchase one for less than $70 or less. And you can customize the free theme yourself using the free image creator software GIMP or a paid one such as Photoshop Elements or Dreamweaver.

2. WordPress is User-Friendly

Anyone who uses the internet for emailing, gaming, shopping, or tweeting will discover that WordPress is easy to use. WordPress admin dashboard is user-friendly and easily navigable so your chances of making serious errors is minimal. A self-hosted WordPress blogging software is one that is installed on your web server. You can also host a free blog at The WordPress admin dashboard is accessible via the web browser and all of the functions of the blog, including changing themes, writing articles, and adding plugins, pages or editing comments are administered from this backend control panel.

4. WordPress is Many Users, Many Places

WordPress is online and offers multiple users, which means that any authorized user can access the WordPress admin dashboard remotely for work or to fix a technical problem. Also, your website is hosted on a secure server with multiple redundancies and firewalls.

5. WordPress is SEO-Friendly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engines love WordPress because by design it is search engine optimized. This means that WordPress makes it easier to optimize your search engine results and increases your ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPS). In other words, your site is more likely to appear land on the first page of any major search engine, which means people are more likely to find you.

A site running on WordPress is optimized for easily publishing and content modification. Content is king because the search engine spiders love content. Fresh, unique, and relevant content is essential for getting good search engine rankings. A WordPress blog is a dynamic page because the new content is added to it whereas a static page such as a brochure-style website that is never updated will be ignored by the search engines.

WordPress dynamic nature is part and parcel of the dynamic nature of the internet. As the Internet evolves by its use of technological innovation and software as service, so too changes in the way we communicate makes possible new dimensions of reaching out via syndication, social media and apps. WordPress software is the best free blogging software and it sets the standard for communicating by blogging.

6. WordPress is Evolving Software – A Permanent Site

WordPress is a free, internet-based software that is open source, which means it is available for developers to build upon and modify at will for the WordPress community at large. Over time, its open source flexibility has allowed WordPress to become a content management system (CMS), which is a program that creates, edits, and manages website content as well as blog content.

The best part about WordPress is that it doesn’t require knowledge of PHP or HTML code to use it. The blogger or website creator chooses the theme design and content layout easily without rebuilding whole pages through the code.

7. WordPress has Themes, Widgets and Plugins

The WordPress theme system allows for easy customization for your blog, permitting the blog creator to change the look of the site anytime and in real time. WordPress also contains add-on features that assist with testimonial management, link management, monetizing the blog, complex indexing of blog posts, categorizing and tagging posts, and the ability for multiple authors to add site content. WordPress software works well with other blogging tools such as Trackback and Pingback as well as easy importing of content from other blogging platforms. And WordPress has security features such to control spam and visitor comments, user
registration, and password protection for selected posts. There’s a gazillion of compatible plugins available for WordPress Standard that can greatly extend its functionality for users.

8. WordPress for Business and Pleasure

WordPress started as a communication tool for the personal blogger, but it also has numerous benefits to offer to the business community. Since WordPress is easy to use and maintain, this means less overhead and less time spent on creation and maintenance of the blogging platform. The blogging aspect of WordPress also means that companies have an on-demand method for keeping their audiences updated on company business and advertising their products and services. Plus, blogging offers a wonderful method for companies to get feedback from their consumers. It allows you to keep the content fresh, which increases search engine ranking so that the company’s content will have a better chance of audience exposure.

9. Everyone’s Doing It

With the popularity of social media and the flexible program, ease of installation, and added functionality of plugins, WordPress provides a way for everyone to be involved and engaged in social media, and utilize the benefits it provides to your overall presence on the Internet. Read about the technical benefits of WordPress CMS.